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Town Board Minutes 4-3-2013



April 3, 2013

 Download these minutes now: Town Board Minutes 4-3-2013

Time: 7:00 PM



Supervisor Croce opened the meeting with a salute to the American Flag.



The following Town Board Members were present:

Supervisor Croce

Councilman Putnam

Councilman Farrelly

Councilwoman Morano



There were no minutes approved this evening.



Supervisor Croce stated that he had one addition for this evening’s agenda.  He wanted to discuss a request from the Modena Rural Cemetery.



Mr. O’Brien stated that he wanted to let everyone know that the VFW in Highland would be having a spaghetti dinner on Friday, April 5, 2013 from 5-11 PM.  There would be a DJ playing music for dancing and there would also be door prizes.  The cost is $12.50 per person.  He wanted to invite everyone to attend so we can show our veterans that we care about them.


Mr. Chris Mercier stated that he had a question for the Town Board.  He stated that he had gone before the Zoning Board of Appeals to ask a question having to do with a private road and he was told that the Zoning Board had no jurisdiction over this portion of the Town Code.  If there was a question on anything in the Zoning Section of the Code, they would be able to render a decision, but the private road section is not in the Zoning Section.  So who would he have to go to, to get a determination?

Supervisor Croce stated that he was not sure either.

Mr. Mercier stated that maybe the Town Board should look at that section of the Code and make some changes.  Right now, if anyone had a question on a portion of the private road codes, they can’t go to the ZBA and the whole section is kind of in limbo.

Supervisor Croce stated that he would have to speak with the ZBA Chairperson and others to try to figure this out.  He stated that this document is considered a living document, which means that it needs to be reviewed and changed, as time goes on, to stay current with the Town’s needs.

Mrs. Morse, who is a member of the ZBA, stated that every time Mr. Mercier brought up a question, the Chairperson would say that the private roads code is not under the ZBA’s authority.

Supervisor Croce stated that he would speak with Mr. Castillo.

There were no further questions or comments from the public.

*    Supervisor Croce made a motion to close the Public Input Section of the meeting.

Councilman Farrelly seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



Supervisor Croce stated that the Town Board had been approached by the Modena Rural Cemetery and they wanted to speak with the Town Board at a special meeting.  The Town Board had decided to have them come to a regular Town Board Meeting, but when he spoke with the representative of the Cemetery, she stated that they specifically wanted a special meeting with the Supervisor and the Deputy Supervisor because they also had a State representative coming too.

Supervisor Croce stated that he would be setting up a meeting for this Friday, April 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM.



Supervisor Croce read the February Monthly Report from the Dog Control Officer.  He read that there were 16 calls to the kennel with most of those calls relating to adoption.  There were 4 police calls (Plattekill PD and the Ulster County Sheriff), 2 dogs impounded and there are currently 2 dogs in the kennel with both available for adoption.  A copy of the complete report is available at the Town Clerk’s Office.






Supervisor Croce stated that the Town Board had interviewed several people for the position of Councilperson last Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  They have discussed the applicants and have made a decision as this is the Town Board’s duty to appoint someone to fill the vacancy.

*    Councilman Putnam made a motion to appoint Dean DePew to the vacant position of Councilman with a term ending on December 31, 2013.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.


At this time, the Town Clerk Barbara Dawes, gave the Oath of Office to Mr. Dean DePew who then took his position at the front table with the rest of the Town Board Members.


Supervisor Croce stated that he has been researching the different phone companies to see if the Town can get a better cost.  He stated that he did not sign the 3year agreement with Cornerstone that was previously discussed.  He stated that he just wanted the Town Board to know that he is working on this issue and will get back to everyone when he has more information.



Supervisor Croce stated that he had a conversation with the Chairperson of the Planning Board and told her that the Town Board was in favor of giving the Fosler, LLC project a 20% reduction in their recreation fees.

Supervisor Croce stated that since then, he has discussed this with the Town Attorney and he has some issues with this.  It would go back to our Code book and the way the code is written, as to whether the Town Board has the authority to do this.  So for right now, they are reviewing the code to see what the Planning Board and the Town Board are allowed to do.



Supervisor Croce stated that he had a conversation with the Highway Superintendent, Robert Wager, and he would like to request that the Town Board make an amendment to the procurement policy.  He explained that back in 2011, the Town Board had amended the procurement policy so that the Highway Dept. could purchase items under $500.00 without first obtaining a purchase order.  This was due to situations where the items had to be purchased quickly to fix a situation and there was not time to obtain a purchase order.

Supervisor Croce explained that the same problem is occurring with the now Buildings & Grounds Dept.  We now have an individual to fix problems that occur in other facilities in Town and he is running into the same situation with having to obtain a purchase order before he can purchase the needed part.  The request is for the Buildings & Grounds Dept. to be able to purchase items under $250.00 without a purchase order.  They will still be obtaining the necessary 2 price quotes; it is just that the system is quite cumbersome when a part is needed quickly to remedy a situation.

There was some discussion on what the policy is currently and how this would change only the Buildings & Grounds Dept.  The rest of the Town departments will not be affected.

The members of the Town Board all seemed to feel that this request made sense and that it would not give anyone the ability to just go out and spend money.

*    Supervisor Croce made a motion, on the recommendation of the Highway Superintendent, to amend the Procurement Policy to allow for the Buildings & Grounds Department to make purchases up to $250.00 without obtaining a purchase order.

Councilman Farrelly seconded.

On the vote: Supervisor Croce                   Yes

Councilman Putnam             Yes

Councilman Farrelly              Yes

Councilwoman Morano        Yes

Councilman DePew               Abstained





     The following resolution was introduced on a motion by Supervisor Croce:

And seconded by Councilman Putnam:

WHEREAS, the Town Board of the Town of Plattekill is authorized to assess a late penalty fee for those property owners who do not pay their real property taxes on time, and;

WHEREAS, the Town Board, as in the past, has waived the fee recognizing that although the amount assessed is minor, the waiver of the fee does provide a relief to taxpayers;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Town Board of the Town of Plattekill, Ulster County, to waive the requirement of a late penalty fee to be assessed against property owners in the Town of Plattekill for the year 2013.


On the vote:                                        Yes                          No                     Abstain

Supervisor Croce                                   X

Councilman Putnam                             X

Councilman Farrelly                              X

Councilwoman Morano                       X

Councilman DePew                               X

Date: April 3, 2013


*    Supervisor Croce made a motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss contract negotiations.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.

Time: 7:24 PM

Back: 7:44 PM

*    Supervisor Croce made a motion to close Executive Session and to reopen the Regular Town Board Meeting.

Councilman Farrelly seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



*    Councilwoman Morano made a motion to pay the Voucher Detail Report dated 4/3/2013, which includes the General Fund amount of $69,655.32 and the Highway Fund amount of $3,280.24 for a total amount of $72,935.56 recognizing that the Audit Committee has reviewed the claims and found them acceptable for payment.

Councilman Farrelly seconded.

On the vote: Supervisor Croce                          Yes

Councilman Putnam                     Yes

Councilman Farrelly                     Yes

Councilwoman Morano              Yes

Councilman DePew                     Abstained



*    Supervisor Croce made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.

Time: 7:46 PM.

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