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Town Board Minutes – 02-20-13



February 20, 2013

Time: 7:00 PM


Download Here: town-board-minutes-20130220



Deputy Supervisor Croce opened the meeting with a salute to the American Flag.  He then called for a moment of silence for Supervisor Bruce Loertscher who passed away the previous week.



The following Town Board Members were present:

Deputy Supervisor/Councilman Croce

Councilman Putnam

Councilman Farrelly

Councilwoman Morano



Deputy Supervisor Croce stated that he had two additions for this evening’s meeting; there is one resignation and two appointments.  He stated that there would also not be a Public Input section this evening, in respect for Supervisor Loertscher’s passing.  We will resume Public Input at the next regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting.

Deputy Supervisor Croce stated that there would be an Executive Session and he would like to do this right now.  It will be brief.


*    Councilman Putnam made a motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss personnel.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.

Time: 7:02 PM

Back: 7:09 PM

*    Councilman Croce made a motion to close Executive Session and re-open the Regular Town Board Meeting.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



Deputy Supervisor Croce explained that it is the duty of the sitting Town Board to appoint someone to the position of Town Supervisor.  He stated that he had a resignation letter, dated today, that he would like to read.

Councilman Croce read that “Effective immediately, he was resigning from his position as Town Council Member” and that he was submitting his resignation to the Town Clerk.

The Town Clerk accepted the letter of resignation from Councilman Croce.

*    Councilman Putnam made a motion to appoint Mr.  Joseph Croce to fill the position of Town Supervisor for the Town of Plattekill until the end of the term which would be December 31, 2013.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: Councilman Putnam                  Yes

Councilman Farrelly                   Yes

Councilman Croce                      Abstained

Councilwoman Morano            Yes


At this time, Mr. Joseph Croce was sworn in as the Town Supervisor, by Town Clerk, Barbara Dawes.



Supervisor Croce stated that Chief Ryan was not able to stay for the meeting and he would be reading through the Police Monthly Report from January 2013.

Supervisor Croce read that there were 422 documented calls for service in January.   The total number of traffic tickets issued was 172.  There were 12 motor vehicle accidents with 2 people reporting injuries.

Supervisor Croce stated that he would not read the blotter arrest report as it is quite extensive.  He continued reading that there were no problems with the vehicles, except minor body damage to the Dodge Durango due to a deer accident and that the Dodge Charger vehicle would be taken out of service and replaced with the new Ford Interceptor.

Supervisor Croce stated that the Chief had included a letter about Supervisor Bruce Loertscher, how he always supported the Police Dept. and was the main reason for the DARE Program still being taught in our elementary school.  He read the letter to everyone.  At the end of the letter, the Police Dept. stated that they would be holding a Pig Roast in honor of Bruce Loertscher in the late summer to raise funds to start a scholarship fund in his name.  The scholarship will then be awarded each year to a Town Resident who wishes to major in Political Science or Law Enforcement.  A copy of this letter is attached to these minutes.

Supervisor Croce stated that anyone wanting to review the entire report could obtain a copy at the Town Clerk’s Office.



Supervisor Croce stated that he and Councilman Farrelly met with a representative of the Cornerstone Phone Company, which is the company used by all the Town facilities, including the Police Dept.    There is an agreement that the Town was to sign for a one year, two year or three year schedule to lock in the phone usage rates for that term.  This was supposed to be done back in September so he would like to discuss this and take some action this evening.  We need to decide whether we want to continue with Cornerstone or look at some new companies.

Supervisor Croce stated that when they spoke with the representative, it was explained that we currently pay for six listings in the Newburgh and New Paltz phone books.  The feeling is that we don’t have to pay for the Dog Control, Highway, Justice Court and Senior Center listings as these are currently on the message menu for the Town Hall.  If we just had the Town Hall number and the Police Dept. dispatch number, that would be enough.

There was some discussion on this as it was stated that we had four listings, but there are actually six listings.  It was decided that the two listings we needed would be the Town Hall and the Police dispatch. This would save us some money not having to pay for the other listings and the numbers are readily accessible on the internet and the Town Hall phone message menu.

Councilman Farrelly stated that there was also discussion on converting some of the existing copper phone lines to cable lines.  This would save us around $1,400.00.  There were a few other “goodies” that we would also get to save a little money if we sign up for the three year agreement.

Supervisor Croce stated yes, this conversion would be done for free if the Town were to take the three year agreement.

Councilman Farrelly stated that they also suggested leaving in the copper lines as these would work in case of an emergency that shuts down the cable wires.  This way we would always have a phone line to rely on.  So we are looking to improve, but we will always have the ability to use the older copper lines.

*    Councilman Putnam made a motion that we renew the Cornerstone Phone Company agreement for an additional three years removing all listings except the Police Dispatch and Town Hall numbers from the phone book.

Councilman Farrelly seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



Supervisor Croce stated that he, Councilwoman Morano and Councilman Farrelly met with Mr. Palmiter and discussed several different plans for the Town employee’s health insurance.  What it all comes down to is if we stay with MVP, with the same plan we have now, there will be a 9.9% increase for the year, April 2013 to March 2014.  There is a second option, if we go with CDPHP, which is a very similar plan with many of the same doctors, then this would only be a 2.2% increase.  We have to decide which policy we want.  According to Mr. Palmiter, our coverage for our employees will not be reduced.

Councilman Farrelly stated yes, and the Town still funds the deductible so there will not be an increase to our employees.

Supervisor Croce stated that he would discuss with Mr. Palmiter about having a meeting with the employees to explain the health insurance policy that the Town Board chooses.  Mr. Palmiter has assured us that this new plan will not reduce our employee’s coverage.  We have worked with Mr. Palmiter for many years.

*    Councilman Putnam made a motion to go with the CDPHP Health plan coverage for our Town of Plattekill employees for this 2013-2014 year.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



Supervisor Croce stated that he had an announcement to make.  He stated that he was appointing Larry Farrelly as his Deputy Supervisor.  His Oath of Office will be administered by the Town Clerk in her office after this meeting is adjourned.



*    Supervisor Croce made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 PM.

Councilman Putnam seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.


The Town Clerk reminded the Supervisor that we had not approved the payment of the vouchers and she thought there was a second appointment to be made.


*    Supervisor Croce made a motion to re-open the regular Town Board Meeting.

Councilman Farrelly seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



*    Supervisor Croce made a motion, based on discussion in Executive Session, to hire an individual to assist the Police Dept. in law enforcement.

Councilwoman Morano seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



*    Councilwoman Morano made a motion to pay the Voucher Detail Report dated 2/20/2013, which includes the General Fund amount of $12,231.74, the Trust & Agency amount of $352.00 and the Highway Fund amount of $28,953.49 for a total amount of $41,537.23 recognizing that the Audit Committee has reviewed the claims and found them acceptable for payment.

Councilman Farrelly seconded.

On the vote: all ayes.



*    Supervisor Croce made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Councilwoman Morano second.

On the vote: all ayes.


Time: 7:41 PM.


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