Town of Plattekill, NY

PO Box 45
1915 Route 44-55
Modena, New York 12548
(845) 883-7331



Libby Werlau
Town Historian


Facts and Folklore from the Town Historian’s desk.

Plattekill became a Town on March 21st, 1800, by an act of the New York State Legislature. Plattekill was the ninth town to be formed in Ulster County. It was named for the Plattekill stream located in the southern portion of the town.

Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the Town’s history.

  1. Who was the first Town Supervisor of the Town of Plattekill?
  2. Who is the present Town Supervisor?
  3. What town road was originally called Bog Meadow?
  4. Where was the nightclub, “The Cat’s Meow”, located?
  5. What was the former use of the Police Station?
  6. What structure is a Historical Landmark on the corner of Route 208 and New Hurley Road?
  7. Where was the “Elixir” springhouse?
  8. What do the letters “W.C.T.U.” stand for?
  9. Originally, what kind of building was the Plattekill Library?
  10. What major league baseball team did Al Corwin of Modena play for in the 1950’s?


  1. David Ostrander, 1800-1803.
  2. Jennifer Salemo became Supervisor in 2022.
  3. Freetown Highway.
  4. Route 32, owned by the Shea Family.
  5. The Police Station was used as school and then as the Town Hall.
  6. The New Hurley Church. It was placed on the National Registry of Historical Sites on October 29, 1982.
  7. In Clintondale. A mineral spring was discovered in 1857. Mr. Thorn bottled and sold the water for 25 cents a bottle.
  8. Women’s Christian Temperance Union.
  9. It was built in 1927 and used as a school until 1973.
  10. Al Corwin played for the New York Giants.