Hon. Annamaria Maciocia
Phone: (845) 883-5805
Fax: (845) 883-6730

Court Sessions: Every Friday

Clerk – Tami Cavazza

Email: tcavazza@nycourts.gov

Clerk Hours: Daily 10 am – 3 pm

Hon. Robert W. Murphy
Phone: (845) 883-5805
Fax: (845) 883-6730

Court Sessions: Every Monday

Clerk – Donna Fuentes

Clerk Hours: Daily 10 am – 3 pm

Closed for legal holidays.


Mailing Address:

PO Box 45

Modena, NY 12548

Physical Address:

1915 Route 44-55

Modena, NY 12548

**Proper attire is required in court. NO CELL PHONES, CAMERAS, RECORDING DEVICES, OR ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES WILL BE PERMITTED. No FIREARMS or any other weapons will be permitted, unless you are a uniformed officer with proper ID. No food, beverage or gum allowed.

**CRIMINAL MATTERS: You must appear on the date listed on your appearance ticket. The Assistant District Attorney for the Town of Plattekill is Daniel Rusk. The Ulster County Public Defenders assigned to this court is Mikael Cohn and Lawrence Trank.

**Hon. Maciocia hears criminal cases on the first Friday of each month commencing at:

2PM Cases involving defendants who are pro se or have private counsel

3PM Cases involving defendants represented by the Ulster County Public Defenders Office (Mikael Cohn) and/or assigned counsel.

**Hon. Murphy hears criminal cases on the first Monday of each month commencing at 4PM.

4PM Cases involving defendants represented by the Ulster County Public Defenders Office (Lawrence Trank) and/or assigned counsel.

Ulster County District Attorney

Ulster County Courthouse

Attn: A.D.A. Daniel Rusk

275 Wall Street

Kingston, NY 12401

(845) 340-3280

(845) 340-3744 Fax


Ulster County Public Defenders Office

18 Lucas Ave

Kingston, NY 12401-3819

(845) 340-3232

(845) 340-3744 Fax


**Payments due may be paid at the court with cash (exact), certified check or money order made out to:

Plattekill Town Court

**To pay with a credit card or debit card, you may use either:

PayCourtOnline.com or GovPayNow.com (a convenience fee will apply)



if you have been charged with a traffic infraction, it is not necessary to appear in court on the date listed on the traffic ticket. This is the date the court is due your plea of either guilty or not guilty.

If you plea guilty, you will receive a fine notice with 30 days to pay.

If you plea not guilty, you will receive by mail a date for a pre trial conference with the special prosecutor.

If you have been charged with a traffic misdemeanor, you must appear in court on the date and time listed on the ticket.

**The special prosecutor will not PLEA BARGAIN by mail with defendants. If you would like the special prosecutor to consider a reduction, you must make a court appearance. Attorneys located an hour or more from the Plattekill court may plea by affidavit through the mail for their client.

**Special Prosecutor calendar times are:

Mondays ~ 3PM, 4PM, 5PM

Fridays ~ 1PM, 2PM, 3PM



The court hears summary proceedings concerning property that is located in The Town of Plattekill. The filing fee is $20.00.


Geographic Jurisdiction: You must bring the action where the defendant resides, is employed or has a place of business at the time you start the action.

Monetary Jurisdiction: Up to $3000 – money only

Who can use small claims: You must be an individual 18 years or older. Under 18 years, action must be brought by a parent or guardian. Corporations, Partnerships, Associations or assignees cannot bring actions in Town & Village Small Claims Court.

Cost: Filing Fee – $10.00 for claims of less than $1000, $15.00 for claims of $1000 to $3000. Filing fee is paid at time of filing. Small claim notices will be mailed by the court and a copy will be mailed to you to notify you of the date and time of the hearing. Bring evidence and witnesses to the hearing.


The filing fee for a civil action is $20.00.

ADJOURNMENTS of Civil Cases: a request for an adjournment must be in writing and provide the reason for the request. A copy of this request MUST be provided by the person requesting the adjournment to his/her adversary (“cc” to the other side).

If the other party consents tot the requested adjournment, the adjournment may be granted by the Court.

If all parties do NOT consent tot he requested adjournment, then the Court will make a ruling with respect to the request for adjournment.

Unless the adjournment is granted by the Court, the parties MUST appear at the scheduled date and time. Failure to appear may result in the entry of a judgement against the defending party.

The Town court is located in the Plattekill Town Hall, 1915 Route 44-55, Modena, NY 12548.